Codis F4 Pro Power

Manufacturer: Panasonic
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The Panasonic promotional cardboard displays are designed to provide benefits to both consumers and retailers. Panasonic offers different types of displays for all needs, suitable for large and small retail areas.

  • Convenience and time-saving: convenient, prepackaged, ready for display
  • Standing displays or counter displays, the displays offer greater visibility to the products which facilitates sales
  • They can contain blisters of various sizes and types
  • All the displays use ecological materials
  • Excellent quality and stability
  • Modern design
  • Great impact of the brand in both banner and side panels
  • High visibility of the product




Codis F4 Pro Power alkaline Panasonic
Counter display consisting of 36 blisters LR6PPG/4BP + 16 blisters LR03PPG/4BP
Display Dimensions
Dimensions         With banner (cm) Height (cm)  Width (cm)  Depth (cm)  Weight (full) 
Cardboard box 12.5 H. x 35.5 L. 12.5 35.5 16.0 4.34 Kg

Environmental tax

The environmental contribution is applied only for the Italian market.

Environmental tax for exhausted batteries Decree 188/2008

Value added by the manufacturer of electrical or electronics products to fund separate collection, proper disposal and recycling of primary and secondary materials. The calculation of the value of the environmental tax is reported on all our price lists in force at the time of purchase and is calculated on the weight of the batteries you purchase net of packaging, and is subject to change. PANAMAR pays the environmental tax to Panasonic, duly registered in the National Register of waste management of batteries and accumulators with the number IT09060P00000014.

As reported in the invoice

In total transparency, in the cost detail on all invoices and proforma invoices issued by our Company. Our customers are exempt from registration and periodic declaration of sale to the Consortia in charge.

Collection of exhausted batteries at commercial premises

For additional information, the interested parties who wish to become collection points should visit the website for registration and all the information they need or directly contact the Collection Entities responsible for the territory where the registered office of the business or of the Managing Entity is located.

You can send an email to the email addresses below:

Ecodom  ---------   Ecoped

Ecolight  ---------  Ecorit

ERP  -----  Remedia

Collection will be possible for quantities greater than 100 Kg.