Alkaline battery packs

10x LR54 10S1P ST4 15V 75mAh PP alkaline battery

EAN: 3660766607539


5x AA 5S1P ST7 F100 7.5V 3.4Ah MOLEX Alkaline Battery

EAN: 3660766500601


6x 23A 1S6P ST1 12V 55mAh Molex Alkaline Battery

EAN: 3660766501004


6LR20 alkaline battery (2 cylinders of 3 Battery ) 9V 19.76Ah T2

EAN: 3660766500878


3X AAA 3S1P 4.5V 1.46Ah PHR-2 Alkaline Battery

EAN: 3660766500816


6x D NX 6S1P ST1 9V 19.76Ah 4mm Alkaline Battery

EAN: 3660766500779


2X AA NX alkaline battery 2S1P ST1 3V 3.4Ah wires

EAN: 3660766500748


4X LR44 alkaline battery 4S1P ST4 SG 6V 110MAh S

EAN: 3660766526694


ST2-SG- 24V 19.76Ah F110 alkaline battery

EAN: 3660766500441


6X D NX alkaline battery 6S1P ST5 9V 19.76Ah wires

EAN: 3660766500724


4X LR9 4S1P ST4 6V 190MAh Alkaline Battery

EAN: 3660766526670


Discover our wide range of alkaline battery packs for your industrial or commercial needs. With us you will find high quality products to power your devices. We have a wide range of solutions suitable for different applications such as toys, measuring instruments, medical devices, and more.

We offer high-capacity, long-lasting alkaline batteries with a wide range of size and voltage options. We are sure you will find the perfect product for your needs.

We are always ready to support our customers in choosing the right product and provide customized quotes. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests.