Metabo compatible

METABO 12V series 3 2Ah Ni-Mh compatible

EAN: 8032774983359 NE-MT643NM

METABO 12V series Air cooled 2Ah Ni-Mh compatible

EAN: 8032774985100 NE-MT653NM

Metabo 12V 3Ah Ni-Mh Compatible NX

EAN: 3660766424952 AMH9044

METABO 14.4V Air cooled series 2Ah Ni-Mh compatible

EAN: 8032774985124 NE-MT663NM

METABO 14.4V Lithium Powerplus 3Ah Li-Ion Compatible

EAN: 8032774986237 NE-MT6606L

METABO 15.6V Series 3 2Ah Ni-Mh Compatible

EAN: 8032774984066 NE-MT113242NM

METABO 18V Series 3 3Ah Ni-Mh Compatible

EAN: 8032774984080 NE-MT113245NM

METABO 18V Lithium 3Ah Li-Ion Compatible

EAN: 8032774984233 NE-MT120143L

Metabo and partner CAS 18V 2Ah Li-Ion compatible NX

EAN: 3660766442062 AML90109

Metabo and partner CAS 18V 3Ah Li-Ion compatible NX

EAN: 3660766638212 AML90314

Wholesale Metabo compatible batteries for power tools, screwdrivers and drills

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