Batteries for ulm aircraft and gliders

AGM Battery 12V 12Ah - Cyclic Use 12V 13Ah F6.35

EAN: 3660766412072


LiFePO4 12V 18Ah M6-M Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

EAN: 3660766447845


Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 12V 7.5Ah F6.35 Battery

EAN: 3660766447821


LiFePO4 12V 12Ah F6.35 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

EAN: 3660766447838


LiFePO4 12V 33Ah M6-F Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

EAN: 3660766447852


Ensure maximum safety in flight with our batteries for ultralight aircraft, gliders, and specialty aircraft. We have a range of batteries designed to meet the specific needs of these types of aircraft. Our batteries offer long life, high reliability and are available at competitive prices.

Offer your customers the highest quality batteries you are looking for, choose Panamar.