Zinc carbon batteries

R6RZ/4BP AA Batteries Zinc Carbon Panasonic

EAN: 5410853032830

Blister of 4 batteries - Pack of 12 blisters

R03RZ/4BP AAA Zinc Carbon Panasonic mini-stylus batteries

EAN: 5410853032861

Blister of 4 batteries - Pack of 12 blisters

R14RZ/2BP C Zinc Carbon Panasonic batteries

EAN: 5410853032809

Blister of 2 batteries - Pack of 12 blisters

R20RZ/2BP batteries D Zinc Carbon Panasonic

EAN: 5410853032779

Blister of 2 batteries - Pack of 12 blisters

3R12RZ/1BP Battery 4.5V Zinc Carbon Panasonic

EAN: 5410853033134

Blister of 1 battery - Pack of 12 blisters

How do zinc carbon batteries work?

Inside zinc-carbon batteries is a copper wire. The free electrons that are inside move, attracted to the cathode, until there are electrons in the anode, where they accumulate due to the oxidation process. Due to the accumulation ofcharges of opposite sign, an electrical voltage or potential difference is then generated between the cathode and anode. This phenomenon generates the electric current.

What do zinc carbon batteries look like?

A zinc-carbon battery is a cylindrically shaped dry cell, inside of which is a gelatinous solution of manganese dioxide and ammonium chloride. This paste also contains coal powder. Immersed in the gelatinous paste is a graphite rod, which forms the cathode. This is covered by a metal cap that protrudes outward. Some sealing plastic divides the metal cap from the zinc container. This way there is no risk of short circuit between the anode and cathode. The graphite bar and carbon in the stack have no effect on the reaction but help electron transit.

Why choose a zinc carbon stack?

Zinc carbon batteries are perfect for use on low-power devices, for example, remote controls, clocks, or alarm clocks. Their main advantage is undoubtedly cost: they are very inexpensive batteries. It is important to choose high-quality zinc-carbon batteries: cheap batteries could release an acidic liquid that would damage the device on which they are installed. At Panamar you will find only safe and certified zinc carbon batteries, which will allow you to use your devices without risk.