Batteries for forklift trucks and forklifts

Hawker 12x2 PZS 180 24V 180Ah lead traction battery

EAN: 3660766631305


MARATHON Classic FT12110 12V 132Ah Car Lead Traction Battery

EAN: 3660766476043


SONNENSCHEIN GF-V GF12076V 12V 79Ah Car Lead Traction Battery

EAN: 3660766475848


Deep Cycle DUAL 12V 110Ah lead traction battery

EAN: 3660766533326

L:330mm W:173mm H:240mm 24Kg

Deep Cycle 12V 80Ah Auto Traction Lead Acid Battery

EAN: 3660766439260

L:275mm W:175mm H:190 20.77Kg

MARATHON Classic FF12060 12V 80Ah Car Lead Traction Battery

EAN: 3660766475817

AMP801005's forklift and forklift batteries are manufactured by reliable and guaranteed brands, ideal for the needs of industries and professionals. We offer a wide range of high-quality batteries, available in different capacities and voltages. Choose from our solutions to find the one that best suits your needs, ensuring reliability and long life. Contact us for a personalized consultation and find out how our batteries can improve the performance of your forklifts and forklift trucks.