LR alkaline microbatteries

LR-44/1BP micro alkaline batteries Panasonic

EAN: 5019068083035

Blister of 1 battery - Pack of 12 blisters

LR-1130/1BP micro alkaline batteries Panasonic

EAN: 5019068083011

Blister of 1 battery - Pack of 12 blisters

LRV08/1BP micro alkaline batteries Panasonic

EAN: 5019068592568

Blister of 1 battery - Pack of 10 blisters

LR1L/1BE micro alkaline batteries Panasonic

EAN: 5019068592551

Blister of 1 battery - Pack of 10 blisters

Micro batteries

What are micro batteries?

The specialized alkaline micro batteries offered by Panamar are designed to provide optimal charging and discharging results. One of their main advantages, in fact, is their ability to provide stable energy for a long duration of time. This type of battery features anexcellent sealing technique, making them extremely resistant to leaks and spills.

Micro batteries are ideal batteries for use on for calculators, cameras, and all types of precision electronic equipment. Although the best known are those with a round shape and a really small size, there are different types of micro batteries on the market: there are both micro button batteries and micro cylindrical batteries.

How to choose the right micro-battery?

First of all, to choose the right micro-batteries, it is essential to know which device they will need to power. Button batteries are designed for small devices, such as:

  • Laser pens;
  • Calculators;
  • Small remote controls such as car keys or automatic gate remotes.

Cylindrical batteries, on the other hand, are perfect for powering equipment specific to the photographic industry. The ability to deliver constant power even to high-drain devices makes micro batteries perfectly suited for use on such as reportage flashes and some remote controls.

Inside each electronic device, there is usually already a battery or you will find an indication regarding its code or compatible ones: this helps you make a safe and targeted choice of new battery.

In the event that specific references regarding the battery cannot be found, the Panamar team is ready to guide each customer in choosing the perfect battery for their devices or activities.