Panasonic LED Bulbs

LDRHV4L27WG103EP LED Bulb Panasonic GU10 4W 2700K

EAN: 5025232748983 4W=35W 36D 2700K 10H

LDR12V10L27WG5EP Panasonic LED Bulb MR16 7.5W 2700K

EAN: 5025232765355 GU 5.3 - MR 16 7.5W=45W 36D 2700K 25H

LDAHV10L27CGEP Panasonic LED Bulb E27 10W 2700K

EAN: 5025232745739 E27 Nostalgia Clear 10W=60W 2700K 25H

LDAHV5L27H2EP LED Bulb Panasonic E27 5W 2700K

EAN: 5025232740987 E27 Frozen 5W=32W 2700K 25H

LDAHV5L30H2EP Panasonic LED Bulb E27 5W 3000K

EAN: 5025232787739 E27 Frozen 5W=32W 3000K 25H

LDAHV8L30H2EP Panasonic LED Bulb E27 8W 3000K

EAN: 5025232787753 E27 Frost 8W=48W 3000K 25H

LDR12V4L27WG5EP Panasonic LED Bulb MR16 4W 2700K

EAN: 5025232691524 GU 5.3 - MR16 4W=20W 36D 2700K 25H

LDAHV11LH3E Panasonic LED Bulb E27 10.5W 3000K

EAN: 5025232828586 E27 Frost 10.5W=75W 3000K 15H

LDGHV5L27CFE142EP Panasonic LED Bulb E14 3.5W 2700K

EAN: 5025232816316 E14 Ping Pong Frozen 3.5W=30W 180D 2700K 15H

LDAHV11LCE LED Bulb Panasonic E27 10.5W 3000K

EAN: 5025232830619 E27 Prism Clear 10.5W=60W 3000K 15H

LDAHV5L27CFE142EP Panasonic LED Bulb E14 3.5W 2700K

EAN: 5025232816262 E14 Frozen Candle 3.5W=30W 180D 2700K 15H

LDAHV6LH3E Panasonic LED Bulb E27 6W 3000K

EAN: 5025232828272 E27 Frozen 6W=40W 3000K 15H

LDAHV7LCE Panasonic LED Bulb E27 7W 3000K

EAN: 5025232830626 E27 Prism Clear 7W=40W 3000K 15H

LDAHV9LH3E Panasonic LED Bulb E27 9W 3000K

EAN: 5025232828289 E27 Frozen 9W=60W 160D 3000K 15H

LDRHV4L27WG104EP LED Bulb Panasonic GU10 3.7W 2700K

EAN: 5025232816347 GU 10 3.7W=35W 36° 2700K 15H

LDRHV7L27WG102EP LED Bulb Panasonic GU10 5.2W 2700K

EAN: 5025232816354 GU 10 5.2W=50W 36° 2700K 15H

Panasonic LED bulbs: Efficient and durable lighting for every room

Explore our wide selection of Panasonic LED bulbs for bright, long-lasting lighting. Our bulbs offer superior energy efficiency and exceptional light quality. We are your trusted partner in providing high-quality Panasonic LED bulbs to meet your customers' needs. Reach new levels of brightness and durability with our Panasonic LED bulbs.