Batteries for mucus aspirators

AGM 12V 3.2Ah F4.8 Battery

EAN: 3660766408693

L:134mm W:67mm H:60.5 1.35Kg

AGM 12V 2.3Ah TU Battery

EAN: 3660766401090


YUASA NP3.2-12 12V 3.2Ah F4.8 AGM Battery

EAN: 3660766459725

L:134mm W:67mm H:64 1.2Kg

10X F VRE 10S1P ST2 12V 8Ah T2 NiCd Battery

EAN: 3660766499004


Discover our selection of batteries for mucus aspirators, perfect for ensuring effective suction of body fluids in medical settings. We understand the importance of reliability and durability in this field, which is why we offer only high-quality batteries with a large charge capacity and long life. Find the right battery for your needs among our products and rely on the quality of Panamar, your reliable supplier for distributors, wholesalers and industries.