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Do you have specific needs?
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If within the range of products offered you have not found what is right for you, we offer you the opportunity to design it tailored to your needs

We specialize in primary and rechargeable batteries, from lithium manganese chloride alkaline batteries to nickel-metal hybrid, lithium ion, lithium iron phosphate, lithium polymer, and lead acid.

We study tailor-made solutions for you

We are in the business of designing and creating customized battery packs for different industries-whatever your requirement is, our team of qualified engineers is ready to meet it. We will work with you to fine-tune the perfect technology, ensuring that the battery pack is physically and electronically suitable and equipped with appropriate electronic and safety circuits.

Perché diventare Partner Panamar?

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Solutions tailored to your needs

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Find out how we make our
customized batteries

We carefully craft each order, following a precise protocol: our goal is to provide you with quality solutions that fully meet your needs


Based on the required technical specifications, which can be developed by our team or provided by your in-house team, we can begin designing the custom battery pack. Once we examine space constraints, range expectations, power consumption, and the environmental conditions in which it will need to operate, we will formulate a proposal to show you.

Perché diventare Partner Panamar?
Perché diventare Partner Panamar?


Having outlined the design, we will proceed with the creation of the prototype in the laboratory. The same will be analyzed and tested with your equipment, so as to assess the actual performance of the package and any technical constraints before initiating large-scale production.


The Panamar team will work with you to identify the most appropriate certification for your new batteries. Whether it is IEC 62133 required for nickel systems, IEC 62619 certification dedicated to lithium systems, or UN 383 transport approval, we have the expertise to get your new custom battery packs certified.

Perché diventare Partner Panamar?
Perché diventare Partner Panamar?


Prior to shipment, manufactured batteries are always tested: it is critical for us to deliver perfectly performing and functional products. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can perform pre-tests to ensure that the product passes certification tests on the same day.

Questions about design? Ask us.

At every stage of implementation you will be involved in the project, viewing each step alongside our engineers, so you will have full knowledge of the product development. If you have any concerns or questions for us to pursue in the configuration of your battery packs, fill out the form and you will be contacted by an expert.