Manufacturer: Panasonic
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The distinctive features of the new range of Panasonic LED bulbs

Panasonic has over 75 years of experience in lighting. Thanks to our know-how, we are the third largest manufacturer of light bulbs in the world and the first manufacturer of LED bulbs in Japan.

We are making a difference in Europe - The environment is one of our priorities

Panasonic is working to make the world - and your home - a better place to live. The switch to LED technology now allows us to offer solutions featuring high energy savings, a comfortable light, and an attractive design.

Energy saving

Panasonic LED bulbs not only allow to save on phone electricity bills because of the LED technology, but you can save additional money thanks to the longer life span of each bulb.

A light bulb of the series Nostalgia can last up to 40,000 hours, while a conventional bulb has an average lifetime of 1,000 hours.

A really warm light

With a warm white tone, light is just like you're used to with traditional bulbs. Our LED bulbs do not require heating, you can enjoy all their power as soon as you switch them on


General information  LDAHV8L30H2EP
 EAN  50252332787753
 Efficiency: lumens per watt  
 Light angle  N/A
 Life span in hours  25000
 Dimmable (adjustable brightness)  NO
 Power  8W
 Equivalence with incandescent light bulb  48
 Consumption reduction % compared to incandescent bulb  83
 European Energy Classification  A
 Colour type  Soft warm
 Colour temperature in degrees Kelvin  3000
 Size of the bulb (diameter/length) mm  55/108
 Overall diameter  55
 Type of base  E27
 Frequency (Hz)  50/60
 Input voltage (V)  220/240
 Content of mercury in the bulb  0
 Switch on time  0.1 sec
 Time to reach 60% of brightness  100% instant
 Operating temperature  -30/+50


An environmentally friendly major technological innovation

The unique feature of Panasonic LED bulbs, which reinforces the nostalgic effect deliberately designed in the light emission, is the position of the chip of the LEDs, which mimics the incandescent filament of traditional light bulbs.

The announcement of this product highlights the unique technology of Panasonic for the diffusion of light and heat radiation, which provides a brightness equal to that of an incandescence light bulb (360°) but with an energy saving of 84% and a life span up to 40,000 hours. 






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